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Who is The Get Movin’ Crew?


Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip schools with a fun, healthy, and safe solution to achieving financial success in a single fundraiser, while promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of all students.

The Original Get Movin’ Crew

Organizes and implements exciting and successful school fundraisers through Fun Run events, also known as Run-a-thons, Jog-a-thons, Walk-a-thons, or Any-a-thon. Established in 2007, we have helped hundreds of schools raise millions of dollars through our health and wellness based fundraising events. Beginning with full service Fun Runs in our home state of Michigan. By 2012 we expanded our services to all schools in the USA that want to manage and facilitate their own event, but were missing the online component of online pledges, pledge reports, event support documents and Expert coaching.

A company built and driven by former PTA/PTO Board members

  • We relate to our clients and know exactly what you want to achieve, we've been there!
  • We know the pitfalls of fundraising, how to organize your event and ways to make your job easier, because we’ve been in your position.
  • We help you achieve your entire budget in a single fundraiser
  • Our Goal is always Your Goal!

Benefits of A-thon or Event based fundraising programs:

  • Promote health and wellness while raising lots of money.
  • Eliminate unwanted product or junk food fundraisers.
  • Appeal to parents so they don’t have to collect and pick up merchandise or ask for pledges face to face.
  • Battle health concerns by teachings kids how to GET MOVIN’ for a healthy cause while having fun.
  • Promote education and school-wide experiences through fun celebrations that create lifetime memories for students.

A Lifelong Lesson

More and more we hear about children suffering from obesity, diabetes or other harmful health concerns. The Get Movin’ Crew aims to teach health and wellness with our events. While participating students are TAKING action and LEARNING that exercising for a cause is fun. Through this process we believe students will grow into young adults and continue to exercise for a cause. As a result when they reach adulthood they will continue to support other causes or charities through fitness based fundraisers, eventually teaching their own children to do so as well.