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Just in case five months of winter didn't do it for ya





Fact: Sunny days can actually create a sunny disposition due to an increase of the hormone serotonin, aptly called the “happy hormone” because of its mood-elevating effects!






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Fact: Sunbeams are also known to drive away autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and lupis. Plus, they deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which is known to help everything from your heart to your bones!



Fact: The sun is the source of all the energy that goes into the plants, which go into the animals, which go into us! No matter how many cups of coffee we may have in the morning, if it weren’t for the sun, we wouldn’t have the energy to even get off the couch. 


We hope you found these quotes entertaining. We know we couldn’t help but think of soaking up some golden rays while we wrote this post. Now it’s your turn to show your gratitude to the sunshine by getting outside and thanking that big star in the sky that winter is finally over!