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10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year With Your KidsNew year

New Year's Eve, the holiday where everything is sparkling! Your clothes, the bubbly, the decorations, and, of course, the puppy dog eyes of your children as they beg you to let them stay up until midnight this year. 

If you're planning a family-friendly party this year with your kids, then you will want some fun ideas for activities, food, and ways to commemorate 2014. That's why we recommend checking out the list of Top Ten Ways for Families to Celebrate New Year's Eve from our friends at Modern Parents Messy Kids. 

The ideas range from meaningful traditions that you'll want to keep as a family to simple ways to make party hats and noise makers. So check out the list and let us know how you are ringing in the New Year as a family!

"Today we’re sharing our top 10 ideas from around the web for spending the night celebrating as a family.

Ready? Here we go…

1) Make Countdown Bags to Be Opened Each Hour

We Love the look of these bags from The Idea Room.  Unfortuantely, there doesn’t seem to be an updated 2014 version of the printables but you can use them as some pretty inspiration to make bags of your own.  And for ideas on what to put inside each one, check out and these 16 Countdown Goodie Bag Ideas from Inner Child Fun."

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