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Full Service Fun Runs - Serving Schools in Southeast Michigan ONLY!

The Original Get Movin’ Crew organizes and implements exciting and highly successful school fundraisers through our full service Fun Run events, also known as Jog-a-thons or Walk-a-thons. We strive to deliver SE Michigan schools a healthy, fun and safe way to meet their budgetary needs in a single fundraising event. “Full Service” means you don’t have to go it alone because our friendly crew is here to facilitate your event from start to finish.

Look at how much FUN we have teaching kids how to do something HEALTHY, while supporting your cause!

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Our Full Services Fun Runs Include:


  • The Kick-off Assembly: Our energetic crew comes to your school to perform a fun, motivational kickoff assembly, based on health and wellness education. We focus on your Fun Run goals and share with students how they will be involved every step of the way. Don’t forget Movin’ Max! Our mascot will be there to get students excited and rally the school together.
  • Our Full Service Fun Run Crew: On the day of your event our energetic crew returns to set up and facilitate the Fun Run using all of our own equipment. We have an organized method that is exciting and requires no volunteers for the day of the event. We encourage parents to attend to cheer on their children while we play appropriate, current music that kids love. Our Fun Runs go beyond just running, we mix in some fun exercises too while Movin’ Max high fives and keeps students pumped all the way to the finish line.
  • Personal Event Coach: That’s right, a real, live person dedicated to helping you succeed. Your PEC is here to help strategize your budget goals, brainstorm your best incentive options, offer advice on promotion, and steer you away from any fundraising pitfalls. All we need from you is 1 volunteer to be the school liaison. The school liaison will work closely with their TGMC Personal Event Coach to promote the event and keeping track of in-school pledges using our Pledge Headquarters login.
  • Tools from the Fun Run Store: All promotional items such as pledge packets and school and classroom goal posters from our Fun Run store are available for you to use. We also have items for the each student: 1 pedometer, 1 Fun Run # and 1 hydrating Popsicle for the day of the Fun Run.
  • Online and In-School Pledges: By taking fundraising online, our customers have seen a 30% increase in pledges. Our online pledge process is easy for donors to use and accepts most major credit card donations from anywhere in the world. But, we also help you keep track and accept in-school cash and check donations that are then filtered into your reports for accurate pledge data.
  • Personalized Student Web Pages: Parents and students can easily create their own custom fundraising web pages, which they can link to in emails and on social media. As online pledges and in-school pledges come in, students can see their goals progress and watch their pledge meters blast to the top.
  • Easy-to-Use Pledge Headquarters: Manage the progress of your fundraiser with a pledge databas created just for your school. Track your registrants and pledges, and even run customized reports all at the click of a button. Also, gain access to our Event Toolbox with plenty of promotional materials and how-to guides.

Full Service FAQs

Q: What is a Fun Run?
A: A Fun Run is a walk/jog/run-a-thon designed just for kids. Students or children athletes walk, jog, or run to raise money for their school or sport. Like other fundraising marathons, Fun Runs reinforce healthy habits of exercise, while allowing kids to have fun and help their school. Statistics show that participating in an annual Fun Run can prompt children to participate in similar events when they become adults, thus creating healthy habits that last a lifetime. Fun Runs are not races, and there are no losers. We encourage a healthy level of competition to raise school spirit and motivate students, but, above all else, we strive to always maintain a healthy, uplifting, and nurturing environment. It is of utmost importance to us that after a Fun Run, everyone is a winner.

Q: How long do the students run/walk?
A: Each grade comes to the event for approximately 40 minutes. This includes a warm-up, the walking/running, and time for a hydrating snack and cool down.

Q: What does the school have to do?
A: We like our parent group chairperson and school administrators to enjoy the fun. In order to make the fundraiser successful we only ask for one contact person at the school to help with 3 tasks:
- Promote the Fun Run for budget success
- Tally in-school pledges on our website using the Pledge Headquarters - Pass out our provided pedometers and Fun Run #’s the morning of the Fun Run and provide 2 trash cans for us to use during the event.

Q: What if a student does not turn in a pledge packet?
A: All students participate in the Fun Run event regardless of their pledge efforts. All students will also receive a keepsake from the Fun Run and a hydrating snack. They also keep their pedometers to promote ongoing healthy activity every day. Most importantly, all students leave the Fun Run with a winning feeling regardless of how much they were able to collect in pledges.

Q: What happens in the case of poor weather?
A: Our dates are very limited and fill fast. If the weather is bad on the day of your Fun Run we move the event inside your gymnasium. It is still a lot of fun as we walk, run, and do some child aerobic dancing.

Q: Is there a minimum number of students/participants you work with for Full Service events?
A: Yes, we only work with groups that have at least 200 participants with our full-service Fun Runs.

Q: What is your price structure?
A: To better serve you and to get to know our clients better up front, we prefer to give you our price structure once you contact us. Our price is comprised of a startup fee, a per student cost and online usage fees. Please contact us today for more specific information today!

Q: What is the profit percentage?
A: Our price structure includes a startup fee, $6.00 per student plus online usage fees which vary. We do not take a % of the total pledges which means profits are unlimited to your organization. Most of our full service clients generally keep 70-85% of what they raise in pledges. We are a leader in high profits among all fundraising companies.

Q: Are Student Web Pages secure?
A: Yes, all Student Web Pages are secure and cannot be found through a search engine or by using the child’s name in a browser. They are encrypted with a 12-15 digit code to make them very secure. The only way a person could find a Student’s Web Page is if the parent chooses to share the page via email or on social media.

Q: Do you offer tech support?
A: Yes, we have tech support available via email with a response turnaround time of 24 hours, except on weekends. Your personal event coach is available on an as needed basis, even on weekends.