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Imagine starting the year off with a BANG.

We’re talking setting & meeting goals, bringing the school & community together, teaching students health & wellness, and bringing in the funds for increased technology, a new playground, more field trips, better classroom textbooks, and whatever other needs your Parent Group can fill.

And, how about we do all this through ONE event-style fundraiser at the start of the year?

If you’re thinking of doing a winter or spring athon fundraiser, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to cover the steps you need to take now to be successful in the future.

Check out our tips and don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like a crew of experts and a bevy of online services & tools to make your fundraiser the biggest and most successful event of the (new) year!

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3 Steps to Take Before the Holiday Break

1. Plan for Your Fundraiser

A successful fundraiser doesn’t happen by chance. It’s all about the planning – brainstorming ideas, picking a theme, setting a date and deciding on goals. Now is the time to sit down with your Parent Group (or fundraising team) and get to planning.

We recommend beginning by dreaming big:

  • If your fundraiser could be ANYTHING what would it be? What would it look like?
  • What does your team want to be able to do with the funds raised?
  • How many students, teachers, and staff would your team like to be involved?
  • What style of event would you like? What theme?

After the vision is cast, get down to the tangibles:

  • What is actually achievable? How do we get from where we are now to achieving this dream?  
  • How many volunteers do you need?
  • What types of promotions will be required?
  • What smaller goals can your larger goal be split into?
  • What third party services are needed to achieve your goal?

If you are aiming for a spring fundraiser, then your team has some more time to dream. We recommend using this time wisely and really setting yourselves up to achieve something BIG. If you are planning for a winter fundraiser, it will be necessary to start nailing down a lot of the tangibles and having a solid plan to set into motion.

Next comes the preparation, where we take the plan and put it into action. But, we want to note that there will be times when it is necessary to return to step 1 and go back to the drawing board if your fundraiser loses steam, misses a goal, or has any other setbacks along the way. If you choose to team up with TGMC, our Personal Event Coaches make sure to keep you on track every step of the way!

2. Prepare for Success

Although your fundraiser doesn’t take place until after the new year, there are several things that you should accomplish prior to leaving for winter break. If you have already teamed up with us for the winter/spring, then we encourage you to check out the Event Toolbox for an orderly flow of support documents for you and your team to follow (including a timeline that will help you prepare for your event from initiation to completion).

The #1 To-Do: Get Your Team Together!

A successful fundraiser is only as strong as the team behind it. We recommend organizing your team using the following roles: Coordinator; Planner; Promoter; and, Financial Planner.

Other items to try and accomplish:

  • If teaming up with TGMC, let us know ASAP (there might even be an incentive for you if you’re one of the early birds!)
  • Plan your fundraiser kick-off
  • Decide upon student fundraising incentives
  • Book any reservations needed to host the event (i.e., if you need to schedule with staff to reserve the gym, track, etc.)

3. Promote Your Event

It may seem early to start promoting your fundraiser, but we have found that the earlier you start promoting your event, the more participation and engagement you’ll have throughout the course of your fundraiser.

Tease your big fundraising event prior to students leaving for the holiday break to entice them and get them excited to return to school.

We also recommend you promote your fundraiser by taking the following steps:

  • Talk with administration so you are all on the same page as to the scope, goals, theme, and other important details of your fundraiser
  • Send a note to teachers letting them know of the upcoming fundraising event and let them know you will be sending out helpful tips/guides for ways they can be involved
  • Write a promotional letter for parents to send out right after the new year (note: we’ve got a great template for our clients in our event toolbox!)
  • Use your PTO/PTA bulletin board to tease your big event
  • Utilize your morning announcements to let the school know to expect something fun to kick off the new school year