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how will you fundraise?

We've said it before: Fundraising is not one-size-fits-all. There are so many different ways you can raise money for your school or organization from the type of fundraiser to the size of your event to the ways you promote it to your community. Even within the scope of athon fundraising (not sure what that is? Check out our guide) there are tons of different ways you can make it happen.

Over the years, we've been amazed at the different types of athon fundraisers our clients have created; from creative themed Fun Runs to educational and sport's style athons. 

Check out the ideas below and let us know how you plane to get movin' this fundraising season! And, contact us if you want the technology to take your athon, whatever it may be, to the next level.

7 ways to athon

1. Olympic Fun Run

Whether you're doing a walk-athon, run-athon, jog-athon, or Fun Run, you can use an Olympic theme to take your athon to the next level. 

  • See if any past or present Olympians are from your area and would do a special appearance at your Kick Off or event.
  • Create different stations around your Fun Run track that incorporate a fun Olympic sport (i.e., archery, making a goal in soccer or a basket for basketball, putt putt, etc.). 
  • Host mini competitions throughout your fundraiser during lunch time or recess, such as a straw javelin throw, discus throw using frisbees, or a ring toss.
  • Track your overall fundraising progress (or classroom progress) by creating a ring chain out of paper that is visible to students. For every smaller goal reached, another ring gets added to the chain!

2. Fit-Athon

One of our most motivated schools from Florida, Heights Elementary, hosts an annual PantherFit Fundraiser. This is an athon based on Child Specific Cross Fit challenges! Students raise money just like a Fun Run or walk-athon, but during the event day they are busy breaking a sweat at 4 workout stations with different 10-minute exercises at each. And, their student incentives fit perfectly with their healthy theme!

  • A Fitbit
  • A personalized Nike sneaker
  • A custom PantherFit dry fit shirt
  • A Nike lanyward

Students earn these awesome prizes by getting in early pledges, raising different amounts, and by completing a set # of laps during the fit-athon!

3. Hit-Athon

We work with a ton of schools from around the county (and even the world when we team up with schools on military bases!), but we also work with extra-curricular organizations and sports teams. One of these teams is Bel Passi Baseball from Modesto, CA and they are hosting their 1st Annual Bel Passi Hit-AThon this year! This fundraiser makes it possible for the team to make improvements to their fields and park; in addition to providing top-notch equipment for their players. As the players raise $ for their team, they are eligible to win rewards.

  • Level 1: $100 --Titanium Braided Necklace
  • Level 2: $150 --Compression Sleeve and Level 1 Prize
  • Level 3: $200 --Practice Shirt and Level 1 & 2 Prizes
  • Level 4: $250 --Batting Gloves and Level 1-3 Prizes
  • Level 5: $300 --Crew Socks and Level 1-4 Prizes
  • Level 6: $350 --Bel Passi Sweatshirt and Level 1-5 Prizes
  • Level 7: $400 --$25 gift card to Dicks and Level 1-5 Prizes
  • Level 8: $450 --$50 gift card to Dicks and Level 1-5 Prizes
  • Level 9: $500 --$75 gift card to Dicks and level 1-5 Prizes

It's simple - the more they raise, the more they win! The donations feed back into the community and allow this local baseball team to play throughout the season.

4. Math-Athon

Athons are a much healthier alternative to selling goods door-to-door, but they can have an educational aspect as well! A math-athon is simply a Fun Run or read-athon, excpt replace running and reading with doing math games, equations, puzzles, trivia in a fun competition style! You can host a school-wide tournament or split it into sections by grade or class. Students raise money to sharpen their math skills and to support their school. Win Win!

5. Spell-Athon

Hosting a spell-athon is a super simple way of raising money and shaking up the school day so students have something to look forward to. Simply gather donations to support your fundraising initiatives and host a spelling bee, a class or grade specific spelling test, or a other spelling competition. Students can receive prizes for the amounts they've raised, as well as for spelling words correctly on the day of the event!

6. Read-Athon

Read-athons are one of the fastest growing forms of a-thon fundraising! Just choose a donation period (typically a couple of months) and a reading periodset for, say, 10 days, during which time kids will be encouraged to read for 30 minutes a day. Schools can easily set incentives for how much students raise as well as how much they read!

7. Dance-Athon

You've probably heard of a Fun Run and you may have even tried a read-athon, but has your parent group ever thought of doing a DANCE-ATHON? One of the best parts about a dance-athon is that you can do it indoors! So, if you're in an area that is affected by things like a bomb cyclone - no worries, your fundraiser can still happen. Just crank up the sound system, clear out the gym and let your students break a sweat while they break it down.

  • Set aside time at the end of the day or during recess to have a dance party in the gym for the day of your event.
  • Bring in a sound system or DJ.
  • Decorate the gym with glow-in-the-dark decor and instruct students to wear white for the dance party.
  • Host a dancing through the decades event and have a spirit week so students can dress up for each different style.