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We have a lot of experience helping schools to achieve budget success and meeting these financial goals really comes down to 4 key steps. Take a look at our helpful guide to get you started on the right track to meeting your budget goals. 

budget1arrowDecide exactly what the money will be used for. Be specific, parents will better support a fundraiser when they can visualize how it will directly benefit their child. “General budget needs” does not create a visual because it’s simply too broad. Be specific by listing which field trips, assemblies, specific school event(s) or playground enhancements, etc. will receive money through the efforts of your fundraiser.

2arrowDetermine the total amount you need/want to raise through your fundraiser. Add in the estimated cost of the fundraiser to net your total budget goal. Having a set goal makes the process of budgeting much more achievable!

3aarowDetermine the amount each student will need to raise to meet your budget goal. To do this, simply divide your monetary goal by the # of enrolled students. 

  • Example: $15,000.00 / 500 students = $30.00 per student pledge goal.      
  • Add $10-$20 to the student pledge goal as a cushion to account for those who do not participate on a monetary level.

4arrowStart thinking about pledge incentives to promote pledges.
Check out our fundraising incentive's blog post to see why it's a great idea to motivate students, teachers and parents to meet and exceed pledge goals.