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Quick, Learn how to help your child be a Pledge Superstar and Overachieve!



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This is the place where we provide the tips, tools and answers you need, as parents, to support your child as they become a Pledge Super Star.

  • Share your child’s Student Fundraising page – This is the key to success. Once your child is registered, share their webpage using the Share Tools send e-mails to friends and family worldwide or share the web page on any social media platform. Parent's that use the Share Tools to promote their child's webpage, help their child raise an average of $150.00+ as opposed to students that just bring in cash or a check. Watch the above video to see how easy it is to share your child’s fundraising webpage.
  • Raise the Donation goal – If your child has reached or is getting close to reaching, their pledge goal, go ahead and raise it so new visitors feel like they’re helping your child achieve. You don’t want them to leave because the pledge meter is already filled up. The coveted Pledge Superstar status will shoot off fireworks when your child achieves that level. Parents easily login into their parent dashboard to edit/raise their child's pledge goals.
  • Create a Parent Login shortcutIt’s just like an App! Parents can create a shortcut to bypass their parent login and go straight to their student profile right on their smart phones.Try it for easy access any time you want to just check the status of your child’s progress or share more. No need to login every time, follow these easy instructions.
    • Android User: Login to your parent profile, click the name of your student then click the 3 stacked dots in the upper right corner, select “Add to Home Screen” that will prompt you to name the page for which (The Get Movin’ Crew is the default name), change the name to your child’s name, click “Add” and the webpage shortcut will appear on your phones home page as a grey square icon of your home screen with your child’s name under it.  
    • iPhone User: Login to your parent profile, click the name of your child/student then click the upload symbol upload.png. Select “Add to Ho me Screen”, that will prompt you to name the page (The Get Movin’ Crew is the default name), change the name to your child’s name. Click “Add” and the webpage shortcut will appear on your phones home page.
  • Send a Thank You message to Online Donors – When logged into the parent dashboard, you're able to view a list of all online donations and sponsors under the "Donations" tab. The donor names and amounts of their donations appears next to a "Thanks" button. Press the button to easily send a quick Thank You message from you and your child to show your appreciation for their generous donation support.
  • Employer match – Many businesses are willing and able to help their community. Why not ask your employer to match your child’s pledge total? It’s a sure-fire way to turn the heat up on the pledge meter and your child will be an Overachieving Pledge Superstar in no time! We even make it easy for you. When logged in you’ll find a downloadable Employer Match Letter .doc that you can tweak to suit your employer request.

Parent FAQ's

Q: How much profit is going back to my child’s school?
A: Most of our clients keep an average of 95% of the total amount raised. We are a company built and operated by former PTA/PTO Board members, so we know firsthand that schools need to keep as much profit as possible. We are a proud leader in high-profit percentages back to our organizations in fundraising today.

Q: What if I registered my child but I didn't’t receive a confirmation email?
A: You don't need a confirmation email to access your child's webpage. Simply click the Gold Star on our home page to login to your parent dashboard where all your children's pages will be located.  .

Q: What if I made a pledge but did not receive a pledge confirmation receipt?
A: On the top left corner of this page you’ll see a cloud icon. Click the cloud and fill in the proper fields of the 2nd section and your donation information will appear for you to print.

Q: Are Student Fundraising pages secure?
A: Yes, all student pages are secure and cannot be found through a search engine using the child’s name in a browser. They are encrypted with a 12-15 digit code to make them very secure. The only way a person could find a student’s page is if the parent chooses to share it via email or social media.

Q: Who determines the pledge rewards or prize incentives?
A: The school has 100% control over their pledge reward incentives, in way of deciding, supplying and distributing them.

Q: How can I attend my child’s fundraising event?
A: Ask your school or parent group for the event schedule and plan to attend during your child’s participation time. Often times schools will post their event schedule on the school webpage accessible from the student webpage too.

Q: Are donations for this fundraiser tax-deductible?
A: To be absolutely certain your pledge donations are tax-deductible check with your school or organization. Ask if they are a non-profit organization and what their 501c3 number is. All non-profit organizations have a 501c3 number issued to them by the federal government. In most cases the IRS will require an official letterhead receipt for single donations exceeding $100.00 or more. Pease check with your tax accountant for all IRS rules and regulations.

Q: Where do I get a receipt for my donation?
A: A receipt can be a copy of your check, the confirmation for your online pledge transaction, or a credit card/bank statement. If the organization holds a non-profit status you can claim your donation on your annual taxes. If the amount of your donation is $100.00 or more the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will want an official letter of receipt, including the 501c3 number. The receipt letter should be on the organization's letterhead with their 501c3 number and will indicate the total donation amount you made. Simply request this letter from the school/organization that you supported.