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President Wendy Tibus


A Pioneer in healthy fundraising

When Wendy became PTA president at her son's school in 2005, she looked for an effective fundraising method that would avoid the pitfalls she had discovered through her work as a consultant to a large food-fundraising company. These problems included low-quality merchandise and unhealthy food, along with parent fatigue as one fundraising campaign followed another throughout the school year causing volunteer burnout and low student participation.

Nervous and excited, Wendy spent six months planning a school 'fun run'. She promised parents that if the event was a success, it would be the only fundraising campaign necessary for the school year. The end result was $24,000 in pledges, the largest single fundraiser the school had ever held. Perhaps even more important, 70% of the children got pledges and all of the students had fun helping with the event. The school staff enjoyed healthy and educational approach, everyone was pleased by the amount of money raised, plus parents were thrilled to be done with fundraising for the year.

As Wendy began to work with various school groups as a fundraising consultant, she found that parents loved limiting fundraising to one event a year. In addition, schools saw the value of relieving stressed-out parent volunteers by hiring an experienced, motivating, knowledgeable Crew for the event so everyone could have fun and reach their fundraising goals at the same time. You can likewise make your next school fundraising experience a pleasurable one by contacting The Get Movin' Crew – Your Fun Run Experts today.