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Why Choose a Healthy Fundraiser?


Because It’s Not Just a Fundraiser, It’s a Lifestyle!

With The Get Movin’ Crew, kids have the opportunity to literally get movin’ for their health and for a cause. We offer fun, active alternatives to traditional, merchandise-based fundraising. Our goal is your goal! We specialize in 1 and done fundraisers, so you don't have to continuously raise money all year long. Multiple fundraisers annoy parents, creates volunteer burnout and makes your volunteer position harder and way more stressful.

Healthy habits aren’t achieved by moving from door-to-door, they are achieved by movin' toward a finish line.

We believe that healthy habits create healthy students and improved academics. That’s why our fundraisers, whether it’s a Fun Run or other a-thon based fundraiser, incorporate health and wellness education, including:

  • How to support a cause
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Fun ways to exercise
  • Quality character traits:
    School Spirit, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, Support

With childhood obesity at an all-time high and in light of the State Department of Health's Initiatives and the U. S. Government's Wellness Policy for schools, a healthy fundraiser is an idea that the community will get behind and that parents will be willing to support. If you’re ready to get movin’ toward reaching your entire budget goal in one healthy, active fundraising event, schedule an online tour with your area Personal Event Coach (PEC).